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King of New York
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The one and only King of New York® continues into 2009! The economy may have almost come to a grinding halt but the King of New York will not be stopped. No sponsors. No money. So what! 15 years of fun and BMX - that's why we ride.

Though there won't be any "competitions" this year there will be plenty of riding and fun shit - jams, milk crate long jump, Mullaly Drag Races, and who knows what else. We'll be shaking things up yet again with the first day's events taking place at the lower east side hotspot, Tompkins Square Park. Tompkins will feature Street and Flatland Jams and is located in Manhattan at 10th Street and Avenue A. The final day will feature a ramp jam at Mullaly Ramp Park. Mullaly is a brick's throw across the street from Yankee Stadium, 164th Street and River Avenue. All events are FREE to watch so come out and enjoy. This year's dates are Saturday August 8 (Tompkins) and Sunday, August 9 (Mullaly,) 2009. The Bronx is our home and we will be happy to complete 15 years of KoNY at the place where it all started, Mullaly Park.

The premier action sports event in New York City, The King of New York is one of the longest running bicycle stunt competitions in the world and the only one of its kind in New York City. Always featuring the most insane riding by some of the best BMX Freestyle riders in the world, winning the King of New York allows bragging rights and a place in New York City action sports history. Attracting entrants and spectators from all over the globe, King of New York event craziness in the past has included performances by live DJs, raving lunatic wrestlers in leather masks, and NYC's own Sick Of It All. Two-thousand-nine will be no different.

Thanks… Much love should go out to all who have contributed to the 2009 King of New York event and building this website: Logo concept: Lou Perez, Jorge Jovel, Pablo Perez, Rob Ramos, Casio Perez, Danny Parks; Final logo design: Marcus Jergensen-Autographik; Website design: Jae Yoon, Hector Duarte, and Marcus Jergensen-Autographik; Ignacio Soltero at Brooklyn Bike Riders, Peter Marney, Louis B., Jorge Jovel, Bryan Close, and Danny Ortiz for their great photos used on this site and elsewhere. Everyone from the New York City Parks Department who gave us support. Support those who support BMX! Special thanks to Ed Pollio, the Construction Master, and the many, many others who gave advice and took time out of their schedules to give much more than their ten cents. Extra special thanks: Tavian Parks. Finally, thanks to Lou Perez for creating this whole thing back in '95 called the King of New York. Go out and pedal everybody!

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