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September 27

New 2007 video is out and available right here! Thanks to Yonathon Arava for the edit and great footy.

September 6

The judges at the 2007 King of New York had one of their most difficult challenges ever this year in deciding who the King of New York Pro Champion would be but in the end, Jorge Jovel edged out Craig Mast to bring the King of New York Pro Title back to the Bronx.

First-place qualifier, Craig came out swingin' in the Jam on Sunday with bangers like double whips over the box and alley-oop flairs on the 6-foot quarter. But Jorge was not to be outdone, has been riding hard at Woodward Camp all winter long and the consistency and strength of his riding came through. His big transfers, huge front flips over the WesselBuilt box, and flairs and tailwhips on the 8-foot quarter put an exclamation point on his smooth, solid riding all weekend. When all was said and done, Jorge walked away $1000 richer and with a grip of new digs from Zoo York clothing. This is Jorge's third KoNY Pro title - he claimed victory in 2001 and 2002.

Other highlights of the Pro class were Jeremiah Smith, who blew everyone away all weekend with brakeless shredding that would put most back and front brake riders to shame. Charlie Bowers definitely had the trick of the day on Sunday though, landing an over ice-pick and back on the shaky Terremoto Wall, 13-feet off the floor. Full commitment, landed perfectly - first try! The top ten pro riders who qualified for the finals on Sunday all came out with A-game riding.

The expert and beginner classes were packed full of action too. Colin Varanyak catapulted from fourth place qualifier to first in the Expert finals winning new gear from Zoo York, a free-week at Woodward Camp, and a Diamond Back Accomplice complete bike. Daniel DeJesus could not be denied, and was the hungriest rider of all the Beginners, qualifying first and winning finals in his first contest ever. He will be enjoying a weekend at The Lodge at Woodward Camp decked out in Zoo York gear on his new Diamond Back Mr. Lucky.

Last but certainly not least, 10th place pro James Lukas out of Virginia had the ups to beat out the locals in the long jump contest, jumping 26-feet to win a Diamond Back Lucky 24. And in the first ever King of New York BMX Drag Races, Desmond Guthrie won it for his soon-to-be daughter Gabriella Morgan.

Thanks go out to all the King of New York sponsors for supporting the 2007 event and helping make the event a success again in its 12th year. King of New York sponsors are Scion, Zoo York, Home Depot, and Woodward Camp. Associate sponsors are Diamond Back, Alpine Stars, Tri-Flow, Maxxis, FreeCycle Action Sports, BMX Invasion, Hoffman Bikes, Group Home Bikes, Animal, Brooklyn Bike Riders, and Baby Bean. Don't front - support those who support BMX!

Below are the full results from the comp. New photos are up too, check out the Visuals section! Thanks to our photographers Danny Ortiz, Iggy Soltero, and Peter Marney. Thanks go out to everyone who took part and made the 12th year of the King of New York another great success!

King of New York Pro Final Results
1. Jorge Jovel, Bronx, NY - $1000, plus Zoo York gear
2. Craig Mast, Warren,.OH - $600, plus Zoo York gear
3. Charlie Bowers, Ridgway, PA - $420, plus Zoo York gear
4. John Rodgers, Burlington, IA - $270
5. Zak Earley, Eliot, ME - $210
6. Mike Fede, Baer, DE - $100
7. Robert Dedeaux, Bronx, NY - $100
8. Ronnie Napoltan, Youngstown, OH - $100
9. Jeremiah Smith, Maineville, OH - $100
10. James Lukas, Manassas, VA - $100
11. Nicholi Rogatkin
12. Hector Restrepo
13. Desmond Guthrie
14. Daniel Pereira
15. Curtis Boggs
16. Michael Colantonio
17. Sammy Lopez

KoNY Expert Final Results
1. Colin Varanyak, Hamilton, NJ
2. Kevin Tierney, West Haven, CT
3. Justin Spear, Milford, CT
4. Noel Gonzalez, Trenton, NJ
5. Kyle Biller, New Jersey
6. Chris Boustead, Milford, CT
7. Eddie Navarro, Bronx, NY
8. Ivan Piloti, Milano, Italy
9. Danny Rivera, Norwalk, CT
10.Eddy Hernandez, Plainfield, NJ
11. Wayne Yu
12. Cristian Maya
13. Brandon Olivero
14. Billy Kobavitch
15. Giacomo Caravati
16. Michael Seawright
17. David Holzer
18. Jose Ramirez
19. Derrick Smith, Jr.
20. Ian Bresnahan
21. JP Fragola
22. Niles Harris
23. Jarrit Manfredy
24. Brian Pichardo
25. Zane Bradley
26. Bryan Close
27. Raphael Lawrence
28. Fabio Pacifici
29. Matthew Brown
30. Kris Kucab
31. Jesus Patino
32. Ryan Surillo
33. Alexandro Kontopoulous
34. Terrell Middlebrooks
35. Mario Martinez
36. Thuraman Bonner (Rambo)
37. Kwabena Brown

KoNY Beginner Final Results
1. Daniel DeJesus, Bronx, NY
2. Tim Starr, Trenton, NJ
3. David Lawrence, Bronx, NY
4. Ian Bradley, Troy, NH
5. Sean Goldberg, Brooklyn, NY
6. Tom McFillin, New Jersey
7. Lashon Hires, Bronx, NY
8. Chad Phaire, New York, NY
9. James Brandi
10. Reginald McNeal
11. Ikeem Allen
12. Michael Almodavar
13. Brendan Schmitt
14. Miguel Romero
15. Brandon Giaseffi
16. Will Allen
17. Jaime Benvenutti
18. Emmanuel DeLaRosa
19. Eddie Haller
20. Rakim Pleasant

August 28
The Comp Schedule is now up! Thanks for being patient.

August 8
The Comp Schedule will soon be on the site, thanks for being patient.
There will be open practice on Friday August 31, from 11am to 6pm. Keep checking back to the Quicklinks for the schedule download.

This Sunday, August 12, officially begins pre-event festivities for the 2007 King of New York and the first stop is our home away from home, Mullaly Park in the Bronx, NYC. Come out for some cool free stuff, or sign up early for the contest to reserve your spot in the comp in September. The King of New York 2008 Scion xB will be representing in full force!

August 7
The King of New York™ 2008 Scion xB® is coming soon to an event near you!

From August 8 through August 31 the King of New York 2008 Scion xB will be rolling through the tri-state area giving away cool free stuff from Scion and other King of New York sponsors.

At select east coast locations and events between August 9th and August 31st, keep an eye out for special guest pros driving the redesigned King of New York 2008 Scion xB and rolling up with free stuff and other goodies courtesy of Scion and our generous King of New York 2007 sponsors. Advertising the upcoming 2007 King of New York BMX Freestyle Contest on September 1 and 2 at Mullaly Park in the Bronx, below are some of the King of New York 2008 Scion xB promotion locations. Stay updated here for more spots to be added:

  • August 9, 10 Woodward Sports Camp, Woodward, PA

  • August 12 Mullaly Park, Bronx, NY
  • August 15 Woodward Sports Camp, Woodward, PA
  • August 17 Freecycle Action Sports Team Demos, Freehold, NJ
  • August 18 Freecycle Action Sports Team Demos, Monticello, NY
  • August 21, 22 Woodward Sports Camp, Woodward, PA
  • August 23 1pm - Avalon Cycles Skatepark, Elkridge, MD
  • August 23 7pm - Woodward Camp/X Games Skatepark, Philadelphia, PA
  • August 24 The Incline Club, Lakewood, NJ
  • August 25 Millenium Park/Owl's Head Skatepark, Brooklyn, NY
  • August 26 Skate 57 BMX Contest, Hackettstown, NJ
  • August 27 Wyoming Valley Sports Dome, Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • August 30 Mullaly Park, Bronx, NY
  • August 31 Mullaly Park, Bronx, NY (Open Practice!)

Sporting King of New York colors on bright red and black vinyl, the silver 2008 King of New York Scion xB is sweet! Every Scion xB comes with a 160 watt maximum output six-speaker Pioneer CD audio system with a mini-jack for your MP3 player, not to mention power windows, mirrors, and door locks, rear privacy glass, air conditioning, tilt steering, and more. Check it out at

The above named venues are properties of their respective owners, licensees, and promoters. For directions and other specific information regarding any of the above individual venues, refer to the following websites - Woodward Sports Camp:; Freecycle Action Sports Team:; Wyoming Valley Sports Dome:; Incline Club Skatepark:; Skate 57 BMX Comp:; Millenium/Owl's Head Park in Brooklyn and all NYC Ramp Parks:; Avalon Cycles Ramp Park:; Woodward/X Games Skatepark at the Franklin Mills Mall: Scion xB wrap design by Autographik:

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