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King of New York
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Past King of New York Champions

2007 King of New York.  Were you there? Photo: Jorge Jovel MC Casio, getting the crowd amped up. Rob Deveaux, in yo face! Photo: Ignacio Soltero
Danny Rivera, walltap on the Terremoto Wall. Photo: Ignacio Soltero Chillin behind the KoNY 2008 Scion xB. Photo: Jorge Jovel KoNY Scion xB last stop for 2007.
BMX represent! Photo: Jorge Jovel Jay Rodriquez and the FreeCycle Action Sports Team promoting the 2007 King of New York! Promo...
DJ Carl Point O, spinning it. Photo: Jorge Jovel Colin Varanyak, Expert Class Winner with a big lookback during prelims. Jorge Jovel, big Frontie during prelims practice.
Ronnie Napolitan getting tech and confusing the hell out of DJ Casio. Jeremiah Smith, brakeless flair. King of New York Terremoto stretching the barhop at Friday open practice. Photo: Jorge Jovel
Terremoto again. Superman Seat Grab.  Photo: Jorge Jovel 2007 King of New York Jorge Jovel, no-hander for the MC. Nicholi Rogatkin, tailwhipping the spine at 11-years old.
Eddie Rios - NYC Legend UND Lou, X Games Gold Medalist TJ Lavin, and Rob Ramos Eddie Rios, circa 1990
Mullaly rebuild, circa 2003. The King of New York Scion xB. Catch this rollin to a ramp park near you!
Fufanu on the Terremoto Wall. Some of the old skool NYC crew. Jorge Jovel, Walltap for the kids.
This is why Mullaly is coming up on its 20th Anniversary in 2008. Sammy Lopez, no-footed cancan whip. Sammy Lopez, classic tabletop - pro rider, pro judge, Bronx style.
"Flip it money, flip it!" Jorge Jovel, x-up one footed flip. Style for miles.  2003 and 2004 KoNY Pro Champion Hector "Terremoto" Restrepo.
Maybe next year Sammy Lopez will enter the comp and let someone else judge. MC Casio, King of New York Legend. Expert class rider meeting before the comp.
Jorge Jovel sure loves those walltaps. Thats right - representin the NYC since 1996. Jay Rodriquez chillin at the FreeCycle tent.
Impromptu flatland demo with Mullaly Park founder Victor Ortiz on the mike. Curtis, 360 whip.  We stole this photo from Da Winnah - Steve McCann embedded himself into New York City freestyle history with tricks like this super smooth truckdriver over the spine.
Danny Parks acting like he knows whats going on for News12 The Bronx. Jimmy Mac showing off the new Bulldog frame. Black Rob throwing a bike flip.
Al Dimino came thisclose to pulling a flip whip over the WesselBuilt spine.  No doubt hes probably pulling them clean at Hackettstown tonight. The crew with Australian royalty, Steve McCann, on the right. This is what thousands of people saw all over the tri-state area from June to August - the KoNY Scion xB.
Sammy Lopez actually icepick bonked this 540 on the way in.  Believe it. Steve McCann aweing the crowd with precision 360 tailwhips. The King of New York Scion xB - the Pro giveaway next year?
Rob Ramos, Mullaly Park Manager.  Wear your helmet at the park kiddies. "Ay.  Ay!  Im workin here!" Old skool and new.  KoNY Pro Champions Dave "Littleman" Garcia and U.N.D. Lou Perez.
Steve McCann 720 on the box like its the X Games or somethin.  He ruled it this year. Lookout! - its Jesse Diaz.  He later went on to show the park whos boss on his blue Hutch Trick Star replica. Beginner class rider meeting.
The Pony Malta girls were heavily sought after for photo ops. Hector "Terremoto" Restrepo is the definition of pure energy. DJ Supertremendous had it made in the shade.
News12 The Bronx clockin the footy. Everyone who came out to the comp walked away with something. MC Casio greeting his fans
George Orfanakos from the Childrens Tumor Foundation looking suave with the Street Sweeper Spinner 360. West Side crowd enjoying the show. l to r, Pro riders: 2nd place Adrian Vigil, winner Steve McCann, and 3rd place Jorge Jovel.
The future is now.  2006 King of New York Pro Champion Steve McCann on the right congratulates Expert winner Noel Gonzalez. l to r, Expert class: 3rd place Colin Varanyak, winner Noel Gonzalez, and 2nd place Jonathon Zuraski. l to r, Beginner class: 3rd place JP Fragola, 2nd place Daniel Ferreira, and winner Dan Depre.
Steve McCann took this home along with a $1000 check and a $500 gift certificate for Azzure Denim clothing. Beginner class awards. Expert class awards.  Sorry - no trophies this year.
If they werent on bikes, this could be the cover of the latest pop 40 album. Jorge Jovel, Flair. Pro class rider meeting right before battle.
Who knew the Ruff Ryders would be having their annual Memorial Jam at Mullaly on the same day as the King of New York? Ruff Ryders in da house! Why we do what we do.  Right here, this is the #1 King of New York fan.
Nate Wessel, the man, the myth...well, you know what comes next.  He builds stuff. Pre-event promo in New Jersey.  Months and months of planning go into these weekend joints. New ramp build with Nate and the Mullaly crew, two weeks before the comp.
Testing out the new stuff is always the most fun part.  Jorge Jovel, no-footed cancan. Putting the kids to work. Teamwork at its finest.  Mullaly Park redesign, June 10, 2006.
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